About Us

Propel Educare


At Propel Educare, our aspiration is to create a fertile environment, conducive to experiential learning. It is the fastest growing and most promising institutes that focuses on cultivating agility and inventiveness, while always privileging authenticity. With our powerful academic and industry connect in the country, students have an connection to opportunities and learn from some of the biggest names during the programme. Students have access to incredible networks that enriches their career opportunities.



Our courses are approved by NSDC, Govt of India and Sector Skill Councils, Government of West Bengal


Tailored Courses

The courses are tailor designed as per the current trends and requirements of the industry. Adhering to our philosophy of commitment to excellence by imparting best training and placement to our budding professionals , we strive to guide young minds towards fulfilling their long and short term goals in life.

Our Affiliations & Collaborations