Linux Administrator

Linux is an operating system widely used by security professionals and hackers. It is an open-source operating system which offers the developers with many features to make necessary changes to build the latest technologies. Nowadays, Linux is highly in demand, and you will stand out of the crowd if you have this certification. Linux is used for computing purposes, and it is also used as embedded systems to supercomputers, and for many other purposes. The recent escalation in the demand of Linux operating system attracted more professionals to understand this open-source operating system to pursue a career and tremendous growth of the IT field. Along with other qualifications and skills, Linux’s skills and knowledge can also play a crucial role to build a career in the field of Information Technology (IT).

During the Linux courses, you will investigate various concepts such as how to configure the security, administration, filesystem, package management, monitoring process and scheduling, etc. Our engaging trainers will help you to become proficient Linux Shell Scripters and develop automated Linux features - ultimately developing your credibility as a Linux Server Administrator. By the end of these training courses, you will possess a technical understanding of what it takes to manage Linux.

3 Months

Minimum Qualification:-BSC-ITBCA/B.Tech/MCA